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Liaoning Peanut Group is a modern agricultural science and technology group jointly established by Liaoning Zhengye Peanut Company which is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, and member enterprises of Liaoning Peanut Industry Consortium. The group is committed to the innovation and development of the whole peanut industry chain in China. Its business involves peanut industry technology research and services, peanut breeding and supply, high-quality peanut planting management, peanut product production and processing, domestic and foreign trade circulation, warehousing and distribution, financial services,  and industrial park development, construction and operations etc.

In the next three years (2022-2024), Liaoning Peanut Group will closely focus on the building of technology-based enterprise in the entire peanut industry chain, introduce strategic partners, develop a certain number of powerful alliance member enterprises, and comprehensively develop the development, cooperation and operation of modern agriculture, deep processing,  trade circulation,  park construction and other businesses, and form a stable development format of the whole peanut industry chain.

The Group will also increase the construction of scientific research centers and financial service platforms to provide technological and financial support for the development of the entire peanut industry chain.

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