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The modern agricultural sector of Liaoning Peanut Group is a collection of research and development, breeding and promotion of fine peanut varieties; planting technology innovation, improvement, training, service and management; agricultural financial supporting services; new-type farmers training; Purchase and sales of agricultural products; research and development of smart agricultural models, etc.

In June 2020, the "Liaoning Peanut Industry Technology Research Institute" was jointly established with the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The research institute will focus on the innovation of peanut germplasm resources, the key technologies of green ecological cultivation, the research and development of professional biological bacterial fertilizer, the improvement of high-efficiency agricultural machinery and equipment, the research and development technology of peanut deep-processing products, the quality and safety of agricultural products, and the utilization of peanut recycling economy. Finally, a modern peanut industry technology service platform will be created to serve all kinds of peanut enterprises.

The Group's goal of research, development, breeding and promotion of improved peanut varieties is high-oleic peanut varieties suitable for planting in Northeast China, and high-quality and high-yield peanut varieties suitable for edible processing. There are 4 high-yielding peanut varieties "Meilianhua No. 1, Meilianhua No. 2, Lvyanhua No. 3, and Lvyanhua No. 5" registered by the national and provincial varieties. In 2018, the group won the second prize of Liaoning Agricultural Science and Technology Contribution Award.


In September 2021, the group completed the license for pesticide business and the registration of the brand trademark "melia". Its series of agricultural products have been launched one after another, and have been widely praised by farmers.

The agricultural material management system under the financial link is an important part of Liaoning Peanut Group's modern agriculture and an important link in scientific and effective planting. At the same time, the matching financial service model of "financial institutions + core enterprises + farmers" can better solve farmers' capital problems. Peanut Group's soil testing formula, adapting measures to local conditions, providing personalized planting needs, and solving the same planting errors that lack scientific basis from the source. Comprehensively solve the needs of bacteria, medicine and fertilizer materials and technology, and escort the planting side.

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