Oilseed Rice Driven Price Trend and Other Influencing Factors Analysis

The large transaction volume of oilseed rice has become the main force driving the price increase

Analysis of several factors affecting the recent market trend:

1. At this stage, the peanut market mentality is still obviously affected by external factors. The recent market trend of bulk commodities has been strong, and the supply side's reluctance to sell is supported, and the production area has reduced shipments;

2. The major oil plants continue to maintain a good willingness to acquire, which also constitutes a relatively obvious support for the market mentality, and the acquirers maintain a good willingness;

3. The future basis of the peanut market is still relatively large, and it will continue to attract some investors to actively purchase spot supply for hedging, which is conducive to the circulation of supply in the production area, thereby boosting market confidence;

4. Although the inventory of intermediaries has been replenished during the period of price increase, it is still not large compared with the same period of previous years, and is supported by costs. At present, they maintain a relatively obvious price support psychology, and the willingness to ship at low prices is not strong; however, in the medium and long term Look, we still believe that the fundamentals of supply and demand have not changed substantially, and we still need to remain in awe of the later market.


Receipts of oil plants in various places on March 10

Xinxiang Luhua has a total of more than 20 vehicles of about 500 tons, the transaction of good goods is 7100-7300, and the transaction of high price is 7500. Based on the quality, the price difference is large;

Xinyi Luhua is about 500 tons, and the mainstream transaction is 7100-7500;

Laiyang Luhua reached about 200 tons. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the arrival volume was not large, and the oil transaction was about 7200-7400;

Qingdao Kerry arrives in 25 vehicles with a weight of 700 tons;

Yanzhou Kerry arrives at 34 vehicles with a capacity of about 1,000 tons;

Yuhuang Oil Factory has more than 1,000 tons in 50 vehicles;

Kaifeng Longda is about 900 tons of 34 vehicles, the transaction price of oil rice is 7200-7300, and the transaction price of unified goods is about 7500-7600.

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