Trade distribution

Trade distribution is the key business of Liaoning Peanut Group. Build a complete business logistics industry ecosystem, build a trade service platform integrating warehousing supply chain, futures delivery platform, business logistics, internal and external trade, information services, inspection and testing, and industry management, and become a key peanut trading distribution center in Northeast China and the whole country. At present, the storage scale of Xingcheng Warehousing and Trade Zone is 50,000 square meters, which can realize 300,000 tons of peanut storage and trading.

Information Sharing

Cooperate with well-known institutions such as Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, China Peanut Network, and Sinochem Map Intelligent System to release all kinds of peanut information in a timely manner, so that the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain can obtain supply and demand resources in a timely manner and achieve information symmetry.

inspection and testing

CMA certification, authoritative testing agency, with cutting-edge and leading technology key laboratories, integrating inspection, identification, testing and certification services, and comprehensively serving various customers.


transaction warehouse

Liaoning regional futures transaction warehouse, scientific and centralized management, provides warehousing and financial services for the upstream and downstream businesses of the peanut industry chain, and provides a business foundation for a new trading model - futures and spot combination.

Logistics Network

Establish strategic cooperation with various logistics and transportation channels of land and sea transportation, build an information-based, scientific and professional comprehensive logistics network system, and provide exclusive logistics services for domestic and foreign peanut trade.

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