Zhang Mingqian, member of the Standing Committee of Huludao Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, visited Liaoning Peanut Group for inspection and guidance

On the morning of May 29, Zhang Mingqian, member of the Standing Committee of Huludao Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor, and Feng Yuguo, deputy mayor of Xingcheng City, together with relevant personnel from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other departments, visited Liaoning Peanut Group for investigation and research. Huang Wei, chairman of Liaoning Peanut Group, and Tian Yuxiang, general manager of Zhengye Peanut Company, accompanied the reception.

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Mayor Zhang and his party first visited the newly built Peanut Group trading hall, which is an industry management platform integrating information release, supply chain financial services, and futures delivery. Mayor Zhang expressed his recognition for the trading center full of modernity and technology, and emphasized that the role of the trading center should be well played to serve the upstream and downstream enterprises of the peanut industry chain. Afterwards, everyone visited the production workshop and laboratory, and they were full of confidence in the fully automated, high-precision workshop equipment and the laboratory with independent third-party testing capabilities.

After the visit, the two parties discussed and exchanged in the conference room. Huang Wei, chairman of Peanut Group, elaborated on the current situation of Liaoning peanut industry and the construction of Peanut Group. Mr. Huang said that the group will complete the warehousing and financial business cooperation between enterprises and financial institutions this year. Driven by financial leverage and trade platforms, the group will achieve a warehousing trade volume of 50,000 tons, laying the foundation for the gathering of raw materials and the construction of factories in production areas. At the same time, actively apply for the offline standard delivery warehouse of peanut futures, and coordinate the preparation of the 2021 China Peanut Annual Conference. The group will further expand the seed industry and agricultural materials business with base cooperation as a platform and effectively link financial services, expand the influence of peanut group base management, and strive to lay the foundation for the completion of 300,000 mu base cooperation in the next year. In the construction of the industrial park, we will resolutely follow the planning of the Xingcheng Industrial Park, actively assist the government in attracting investment, and promote various work in the processing park.

Liaoning Peanut Group Co., Ltd.

Mayor Zhang affirmed the development goals and construction ideas of the Peanut Group, and emphasized that the Liaoning Peanut Group is an important carrier to promote the development of the peanut industry in Liaoning, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, and create new advantages for development. The enterprise should further clarify the development ideas, expand the development space, and let the Liaoning Peanut Group radiate new vitality in the new stage. Mayor Zhang encouraged Liaoning Peanut Group to continue to strengthen its confidence, accelerate the pace of innovation and improve the quality of enterprise development based on the actual situation of the enterprise. He said that the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will, as always, pay attention to and support the development of Liaoning Peanut Group, fully coordinate and solve various problems encountered in the development of the enterprise, solve problems for the enterprise, help the stable operation and growth of existing projects, and the early completion of new projects. Put into use early to provide a strong impetus for enterprises to achieve their goals.

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